EFM Broadband

Get High Speed, Dedicated Ethernet Connectivity, For Your Business.



Service Level Agreement

EFM is backed by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement with 6 hour fix – a superior level of support service that is only available with our dedicated services, making it a package that you can rely on

Ideal for VoIP

EFM is ideal for businesses that want to utilise the full potential of their data connection. With EFM, services such as VoIP and cloud storage are greatly improved as a result of its dedicated and symmetrical nature.


EFM is perfect for businesses that plan to grow over time. Its consistent connection can support anywhere between ten to a hundred users, meaning that no matter how crowded your office gets, you’ll still be able to carry out any data reliant actions.



EFM provides dedicated bandwidth at speeds of up to 45Mb in London and 20Mb nationwide, making it ideal for businesses that need to be online all the time and that cannot afford a loss in connection.

Cost Effective

EFM services can be up to 60% cheaper than Ethernet leased lines making it perfect for businesses that require a dedicated connection but cannot justify the cost of a Leased Line circuit.

100% Uptime

Optional backup services are available with our EFM packages with either automatic or manual failover, so that even if the main line fails your business is guaranteed uninterrupted Internet connectivity.


What is EFM?
EFM, also known as Ethernet in the First Mile, is an Ethernet leased line service that runs over copper rather than the fibre optic cable used for other Ethernet services. The copper is provided in bonded pairs, making the connection extremely robust. If one copper pair fails, the others remain live, meaning you don’t suffer any downtime and can continue working with reduced bandwidth until normal service is restored.
What are the benefits of SoConnect EFM?
  • Dedicated symmetrical bandwidth
  • Uncontended 1:1 service
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 6 Hour SLA
Can I receive EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)?
EFM availability is dependent on user location and proximity to enabled exchanges. The closer you are to an enabled exchange, the more bandwidth you will receive. We can check availability in your area – please call us or email info@
How does EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) work?
The service is delivered via bonded copper cables (pairs). Higher bandwidth is achieved by installing more copper pairs. We offer the most bandwidth the network can deliver at any given location and regularly exceed it.
What contract terms are available?
Our contract terms can run either over 12 months or three years. We also offer EFM as ‘wires-only’ (just the connectivity) or as a ‘Managed Service’ (with a managed router).


Why EFM?


Bundled copper pairs ensure reliable, high speed connectivity



Ideal for voice, data and Internet traffic



Supported by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement



Scalable to suit your business needs


EFM is best for:


Organisations requiring a quick installation or that experienced fibre access problems



Businesses searching for a reliable high-speed Internet connection at a low cost



Companies that need consistent, uninterrupted Internet access



Businesses that require a solution for voice, data and Internet traffic


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