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Our Fax to Email services minimize cost and being eco friendly, Fax to Email, is a perfect solution for both personal and business use. The great benefit in regards to Fax2Email, you can have inbound faxes delivered straight to your email inbox.

The inbound faxes can be delivered as a PDF or TIF file attachment (based on your preference), which you can then save the fax, print it out, delete it or forward it to someone else.

The last thing about Fax2Email is that you can say goodbye to old fashion fax machines, telephone lines that only does one thing and most of all paper jams.

Fax to Email

No more old fashion fax machines required for Fax to Email. Apply today

No More Ink

Fax2Email requires no ink so there you do not have to visit the stationery shop

Fax Numbers

Choose from a different range of numbers based on your area code and preference.


Eco Fax to Email

Our Fax Service is 100% Eco Friendly. No more expensive fax machines or paper to receive faxes, fax to email is 100% free. All faxes sent to your email. Your Green Fax solution!

Why choose Fax to Email?


No More Toner Cartridges


Setup Less Than 1 Hour


Receive Faxes in your inbox


Leaders in Fax2Email Services


Solid Fax to Email Infrastructure


Eco Friendly Fax Email Solutions


Choice of Numbers by Area


Electronic Fax Email Solutions


Suitable for Personal


Suitable for Business


Fax to Email, Faxes are PDF/TIFF

Fax to Email FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

How do I sign up for a fax to email number?

Contact Us today to request a fax2email number.

Can I start receiving faxes on my fax to email number immediately?

You should be able to use your Fax2Email within 1 hour of ordering.

How long will it take for me to get my fax to email number?

Your Fax2Email number should be ready within 1 hour of ordering and payment

Does your fax2email service require software?

No software is required for fax2email, receive your faxes via pdf attachments that our fax servers send to your email.

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