Optional Services

Saturday Delivery

Vivid Telecom offer Saturday Delivery services including timed services to selected destinations. As with all Vivid Telecom services, pro-active features such as proof of deliver e-mail notification and electronic tracking come as standard.

Surcharge of £25.00 per Deliver in addition to transport costs.

Book In

If you require Vivid Telecom to store packages and deliver later than the scheduled Deliver date

A surcharge of £10 will be applied to the shipment cost

Declared Value for Carriage

By declaring a value for carriage you can increase our limits of liability up to the declared amount with a maximum of £25,000 per package. To declare a value for carriage, indicate the value of the item in the Declared Value field as appropriate for the Deliver Plus Shipping System you use.

1.5% of the value of the goods declared for carriage, or a minimum of £4.50 (Whichever is the greater) will be charged.

Vivid Telecom Return Services

All return services available in GB and Europe plus Greece, Luxembourge, Norway, Switzerland and Liechenstien

Vivid Telecom Return Label – Print a return label that can be included with your outbound shipment or sent separately to your customer.

Vivid Telecom Electronic Return Label – E-mail a return label to your customer along with instructions on how to arrange for collection.

Vivid Telecom 1 Attempt Return Service, UK Only – Have Deliver Plus collect your parcel and return it to your location

Vivid Telecom 3 Attempt Return Service UK Only – Have Deliver Plus collect your parcel and return it to your location. If the collection fails, we’ll re-attempt up to a maximum or 3 times.

Surcharge (Per package)

Vivid Telecom Electronic Return Label
£3.50 (Minimum of £7.00 per shipment)
Vivid Telecom 1 Attempt Return Service
£6.50 (Minimum of £10.00 per shipment)
Vivid Telecom 3 Attempt Return Service
£7.50 (Minimum of £10.00 per shipment)
* All surcharges in addition to normal shipping costs

Special Billing Options

For shipments not in free circulation in the EU or for shipments to other international destinations, Vivid Telecom offers you the option to pay duty and taxes for your customer. This service is available when the billing option  ‘Bill Duties and Taxes to sender’ is selected

A surcharge of £15 per shipment will be applied

Manual Import

For all countries were the returns service is unavailable. The shipper will need to complete a manual airway bill.

A surcharge of £6.50 per package will be applied

E-mail tracking notification

This innovative service notifies you and your customers of a consignments progress through e-mail notification reports, empowering your customers to monitor their parcels progress.

Free of charge

Legal Notice

Payment may be required in advance. Your first bill includes the charge for the month you join (from the day you join), plus one month in advance. All prices include VAT. Calls may be monitored. Regulated EU roaming charges apply to the 28 EU member countries and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein. UK’s best value SIM:Based on comparison of published competitor tariffs as at 7 May 2015. Unlimited 08/0800 calls:No call charges apply to the first 60 minutes of eligible call types. Re-dial before 60 minutes to avoid call charges. You should expect speeds delivered up to 384Kbps (3G), actual speeds experienced may be higher or lower and will vary by device and location. You cannot share your data connection with other devices – known as ‘Tethering’ – or use your phone for peer-to-peer file sharing.