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Whats included with our Business Phone?


Excellent Service


Short Term Contracts


24/7 Support


Best Care Level


Support + Optional Extras

24/7 Phone/Email/WhatsApp Support

Vivid Telecom phone services comes with 24/7 Telephone/Email & WhatsApp support where you can report any issues you have with your telephone line.

Phone Line
If you experience a fault on your telephone line, we will run a copper line test to see whether there are any issues with your telephone line. Once this has come back we will also escalate this with OpenReach where they would run further tests. We aim to fix the service within 1 working day after you have reported it, however this may  be sooner.

Our number one priority is to get you back up and running again. We are not happy unless you are.



Upgrade your Standard Line to VoIP Telephony

Looking for additional lines for your company. Having a standard telephone line meaning that you if you make an outbound call you would not be able to receive inbound calls until you hang up. Normally we would advise you to purchase a Multi-line. An engineer would be sent to your property to install an additional line which has the same number however you can use this line whilst someone is on another call.
Having multiple lines you have to pay 2 x Line Rental fees.

We introduce VoIP to you where you can have as many phones as you want for cheaper. All inbound and outbound calls are made over the internet and can be accessed anywhere in the world.  Visit our VoIP page to find out about more details by clicking on the link below



Cheap UK & Call Rates

See below our UK Standard Line Call Rates. Please note that these prices are negotiable which is based on the volume you are willing to bring to us. Contact Us for more details

ServiceCall Rates
Local Calls1.1p per minute
National Calls1.1p per minute
Mobile Calls*5p per minute
International CallsInternational Call rates charged at competitive rates.
0800 CallsFree
0845 Calls6p per minute
0870 Calls5p per minute
0871 Calls5p per minute
Speaking Clock – 119450p per call

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Cheap International Rates

Contact Us for our International Call Rates document.

You will soon see the rates below shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Phone Line Services

Can I keep my current telephone number?

If you wish to keep your telephone number this really depends where you move to.  If you move within the same exchange then this is possible.

If for any reason you move outside of the exchange then we would port this number to our IP network which will allow you to take the number wherever you go.

If i want to change the installation date is that possible?

If you have a installation date in place and you want to change this it is important that you contact us 1 working day before 2pm for us to be able to make the change.

Please note that an admin fee will apply in order to make the change which will cost £25.00

Can I have a memorable number?

When provisioning a telephone line we would offer you with a telephone number which is randomly generated and does not cost you anything. If you are looking for a memorable number then charges will apply along with a Number Selection fee.

If this is something you are looking for it would be better for you to contact us so we can go through some options available to you.

Will my line stop working whilst it is transferring to Vivid Telecom?

Line Transfers should not stop working in the middle of a transfer however it is something hard to tell as the line would need to cease in the background and then re-provide the service to us in order to change ownership of the line.

If there are any issues whilst this is being done the line may disconnect temporarily, however do not be alarmed as the service would resume shortly.

Who do I contact if i have a problem with my line?

If you have any problems with your phone service the simply contact us on 0800 622 6267 (opt3) where you will speak with our highly-regarded Technical Support team who will be happy to assist you. If we run a test on your line and its proven to be a issue at the cabinet or exchange we would instruct an engineer to go out and fix the issue. The engineer may request to attend your property however if they do we will liaise with you to request access times.

We will not stop until your line is resolved.

Will I have to pay a installation charge?

If the property you are moving to has a dial tone and you are able to provide us with the telephone number which is currently allocated to the line there is a charge that you may not have to pay any installation fees. There are 2 ways that we would find this out and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Installation charges can vary from provider to provider however we would not charge you anything more than £120 inclusive of VAT for the visit. We may have special offers in place which would includes a free installation fee. .. Contact us for more details.

If i wish to cancel my service will I have to pay any cancellation fees?

Cancellation fees are depending on how long you telephone line has been live for. If you have kept your service with us for the duration of your contract then there may not be any charges to pay. You will have to contact us to give us your 30 days notice which you will receive a charge on your final bill (1 Month of the service).

If you are only 6 months in to your contract and wish to leave, it may be good to contact us to see whether there is anything we can do with regards to the cancellation fee.

How long does it take for my line to transfer to you?

Line transfers can take between 10-12 working days as we need to give the losing provider time to check that the transfer request is genuine. They may also contact you to confirm.

What are you payment methods?

Our payment method for the Phone Services would be Direct Debit due to the fact that our systems are linked together. Every night the systems would talk to each other and if this is not in place your services may automatically suspend which may impose charges.

What are your contract terms?

Our contract terms are 12 Months with a 30 day notice period. If you are looking for a shorter term contract then this price would be different from the advertised price. .. Contact us for more details

Legal Notice
The small print
Subject to a 12 month contract term. Where a new line is required, an installation fee of £120 applies. Prices shown includes VAT, discounts, special offers, promotions, and any online deals.

*    Mobile Calls start from 5p per minute.. Depending on volume this may reduce, however this feature will be deactivated until you
contact us to request for the removal of the block however you will accept full responsibility of any calls made. Please note that a barring charge of no more than £1.50 per month will apply.

Free 0844 numbers and Office SIM gives you the ability to work from home or on the road and still receive calls on your landline. If you require any other number please contact us for more info.

Using your Office phone for external calls will also give you the ability to save on Mobiles & International calls. Check our VoIP call rates for more information.

1x Office Mobile SIMs is included in the Business Anytime + package however you may purchase additional SIMS at £6.00 per month extra.

Our Business Phone service

We offer three Business Phone line packages:Starter+, Business+ and Business Anytime+ . All are tailored to your business needs, and priced accordingly. Our Business Phone service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Installation or takeover and line rental of one or more fixed telephone lines.
  • A call price plan of your choice that enables you to make discounted telephone calls.
  • One phone number for each fixed business telephone line that you rent from us.
  • Any other fixed line phone services that we agree to provide you with.