Services Summary

Vivid Telecom offers a full suite of domestic and international services, we offer you the most flexibility and the best transit times because we bring together the services of the worlds biggest carriers under one roof. Our portfolio of services enables you to choose between our faster ‘Plus’ services or our more economical ‘Express’ services.

When you ship with Vivid Telecom you get:

  • Fast, dependable and transparent services.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Three delivery attempts for international shipments.
  • Real customer services, a personal service with a dedicated account manager.
  • Pro-active e-mail notification for:ship, exception and delivery.
  • A number of optional and additional services to suit your shipping requirements.

Platinum Plus

Vivid Telecom’s premium service. Urgent Next Day, early morning, start of business day delivery for both sending and receiving shipments.

Gold Plus

Next morning guaranteed delivery across Europe and fast delivery across the world.

Silver Plus

Reliable service for next day delivery across the EU

Overland Express

Reliable service for less urgent international shipments that still need scheduled delivery

Services Comparison Table


ServicePlatinum PlusGold PlusSilver PlusOverland Express
Pre 9:00 am or early morning delivery across the UK, EU and US.Next morning delivery across Europe and fast delivery across the world.Next-day delivery across the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.A fast, dependable and economical road service for less-urgent European shipping.
Early delivery across the world.Next morning pre 10:30 across the UK.AM delivery across the UKNext day UK
Our promise to youBefore 9:00 am, the next business day to most important business areas in the UK and Europe.Next-morning delivery to over 70 percent of all business addresses within the EU.AM guaranteed next morning delivery across the UK.Pro-active tracking as standard.
Before 10:30am, the next business day across the US.Before 10:30am, next morning delivery across the UKNext Day guaranteed delivery across the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 
Phone notification within 60 minutes of delivery.Delivery by 12:00 noon the second business day to 90 percent of all businesses in the U.S. and to everywhere else in the U.S. during the second business day; delivery to New York and New Jersey the next business day.
Guaranteed delivery or your money back!Guaranteed delivery or your money back!Guaranteed delivery or your money back!
Service OptionsAvailable for both sending and receiving shipmentsAvailable for both sending and receiving shipments.Available for both sending and receiving shipments.
Pro-active e-mail notification.Pro-active e-mail notification.Pro-active e-mail notification.Pro-active e-mail notification.
Saturday delivery available to selected locations.Saturday delivery is available to selected locations.Saturday delivery is available to selected locations.Saturday delivery is available to selected locations.
Declared Value for CarriageDeclared Value for Carriage.Declared Value for Carriage.Declared Value for Carriage.
Book In (Zone 1 Only)Book In (Zone 1 Only).Book In (Zone 1 Only).Book In (Zone 1Only).
Special Billing OptionsSpecial Billing OptionsSpecial Billing OptionsSpecial Billing Options


Extra Vivid Telecom services

Special Services

Unlike most carriers, if your goods are oversize or you require a service Vivid Telecom’s does not normally offer, our special services team will assist in finding another solution for your shipment. Once we have found your shipping solution, you will be allocated a reference number that will allow you to continue processing the shipment on your Track Direct software.

FreightExpress Services

Air, Road, Sea, our FreightPlus division can manage you transportation in every major trading lane. From domestic and European pallet services to storage and distribution, our vast network offers you a full portfolio of global logistics services to fit your requirements, with the normal management and pro-activeness you expect from Vivid Telecom. We can also provide customs brokerage services to simplify trading across borders. Our services include:

  • Air Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Distribution
  • ConsolExpress

Vivid Telecom’s ConsolExpress service allows you to consolidate a number of shipments into one ‘master’ shipment to enable customs clearance, using a single importer record. Available on a contractual basis to 50 countries worldwide.

Vivid Telecom’s ConsolExpress service provides:

  • Quoted transit times via Vivid Telecom’s Overland and Worldcargo services available on
  • Online tracking
  • Pre determined port of entry

Clear and Simple billing, simple pay your standard overland and worldcargo tariff and add £15 for each additional consignment travelling under the ‘master’ shipment waybill

Vivid Telecom’s Trackdirect shipping software will automatically produce any required additional documents for your shipments.


Vivid Telecom’s MailExpress service is a competitive re-mail service for postage up to 2 kg requiring no POD. MailExpress provides an alternative to mail room sorting, metering or stamping and offers you improved time in transit.

MailExpress:3-7 days average transit times across the world.

This service is available on a contractual basis only, for further information please contact your account manager or call Vivid Telecom on 0800 622 6267.


Critical plus, tailor made solutions to your time critical transport needs. We work to deadline, determine the route, and then offer you a number of tailored solutions some of which are listed below:

Emergency On Board Courier:

Where the deadline can be met by scheduled airline routings, however the need for security, confidentiality and safety are so great that an On Board Courier (OBC) is required to accompany the goods.

Next Flight Out:

The most direct, safest and quickest routing is plotted using Vivid Telecom’s extensive worldwide Commercial Airline Network.

Ideal for Shipments that don’t require the extreme service of EMERGENCY OBC

Emergency Air Freight:

Where the shipment cannot fit Commercial Airline Height restrictions or where the shipment is Hazardous we have access to Freighter services across the World

Emergency Dedicated Road:

Sometimes its quicker to route a shipment via road. Our emergency network can arrange collection by van and truck in over 60 countries across the globe within 60 minutes.

Emergency Air Charter:

Where normal scheduled services cannot meet your deadline. Fast handling, loading and airport services, preferential take off and landing slots secured.

Emergency Helicopter:

Where only a Plant to Plant routing will suffice ideally at distances of under 1000KM

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