10 Reasons why you should choose us

Why select VividTelecom? Besides having lightning fast & reliable web hosting, we'll give you 10 other reasons why you should choose us as your web hosting provider!

1. Awesome In-House Customer Service

We take great pride in offering the best customer service available in the industry, that’s what our customers deserve. We’re available to our customers 24/7, and when you do get connected to one of our agents, you’ll be talking to a real expert who can help you right away. We do NOT outsource any of our support avenues.

2. Innovation

We’re thirsty for innovation and we’re constantly thinking of ways to improve our service in every possible way, whether it is a tweak in our cloud or a completely new feature that blows the competition away. The hosting industry has forced us to be better than the rest, and that’s what we’re doing.

3. Saving The Environment

The way in which we have developed the clustered cloud offers our users “greener” functionality through the more efficient use of computing resources, lowering our carbon footprint.

4. High Quality Hardware

We love quality and for good reason. Putting together a bunch of hardware isn’t good enough these days. High Quality hardware is specifically designed and engineered to work fast, efficiently and reliably.

5. Uptime and Reliability

We have proactive monitoring down to seconds with reactive solutions in place to ensure the stability of the services we provide. All our services are monitored 24/7/365. We use enterprise software to monitor our entire network infrastructure.

6. Experience

Our founder has been in the industry since 2000 and have learnt a thing or two! Simply put, you can stand to take advantage of the tremendous knowledge achieved from being involved in the industry.

7. Affordable Hosting

Our plans include everything that you need to get started. For customers that require more resources, it’s as easy as upgrading to the next plan without any downtime at all. Get the most without breaking your bank account. You control your cost with us!

8. Simplified Management

When you’ve exceeded certain limitations, other hosts push you to Dedicated Servers, which many customers don’t know much about. We will guide you through every step and guide you to certain products that may benefit your needs, but you would be the one that’s makes the decisions. We will still manage the network, Competitive prices and true value set us apart from our competitors.

9. Simplified Control Panel & Ordering Process

We’ve chosen WHM/ cPanel & Plesk control panels that will allow you to fully manage your hosting account from start to finish with ease. It’s point and click, and you’re on your way to getting down to business!

10. Money Back Guarantee

Our service is rock solid and we will stand by that. If you’re unsatisfied with our service speak to us today and we can see what we can offer you. Some of our services do not qualify from Money Back such as Telephone, Broadband, Dedicated Servers.