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Vitxi Desktop

Make business calls from your computer
Available for Windows and macOS
Sync contacts from your mobile
One-click call audio & video meetings

Vitxi Mobile

Superior call quality & HD voice
Available on iOS & Android devices
Powerful call controls in your hand
Join meetings from anywhere
Never miss a call

Stay Connected with Vitxi

  • Audio & Video Calls

    High performance audio and video calls.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your screen while on a call.

  • VitXi Chat and SIP Chat

    Chat with your team members through VitXi and SIP Chat capable devices.

  • Transfer calls

    Transfer calls to your colleagues easily and intuitively.

  • Presence

    Presence management of your contacts in real time.

  • File Sharing

    Share your documents through our chat system.

The Best Business Phone Solutions At The Best Price

Pay as you go

£3.00 + VAT/monthly per user
  • Digital Phone Line & Number
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • 5ppm UK Landline Calls
  • 5ppm UK Mobile Calls
  • Voicemail-to-email

UK 3K Plan

£5.99 + VAT/monthly per user
  • Digital Phone Line & Number
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • 3000 UK Landline & UK Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited call conferencing
  • On-demand call recording

UK 5K Plan

£7.99 + VAT/monthly per user
  • Digital Phone Line & Number
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • 5000 UK Landline & UK Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited call conferencing
  • On-demand call recording

CloudPBX Features List

 Boss/Secretary + Whitelist.
 Black List.
 Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Support.
 Call Back.
 Call Flow Control.
 Call Forward (busy, no answer, unconditional).
 Call Monitoring.
 Call Pickup.
 Call Parking.
 Call Recording.
 Call Screening.
 Call Spy.
 Call Transfer (blind, attended).
 Call Waiting.
 Callback Services.
 DISA (Direct Inward System Access).
 DND (Do Not Disturb).
 Direct Inward Dial Numbers (DIDs).
 Find Me/Follow Me.
 Hunt/Ring Groups.
 Music on Hold.
 Outbound/Inbound Routes.
 Pickup Groups.
 Personal Assistance (IVR).
 Personal Recording/Notes.
 Remote Substitution.
 Remote Call Pickup.
 Route by Caller ID.
 Speed Dials.
 Three Way Calling.
 Video Calling.
 Voicemail to Email.
 Voicemail Broadcast.
 Wake-up Calls.

 Agent log in/log out.
 Call Monitoring.
 Call Queues.
 Call Recording.
 Caller Name Lookup.
 CDR (Call Details Record).
 Conferencing (on-the-fly).
 Customer account codes.
 Hunting Groups.
 IVR / Auto-attendants.
 Listen to agent.
 Pick-up groups.
 Queue Priorities.
 Queue VIP list.
 Ring Group Strategies.
 Time-based Routing.
 Whisper to agent.

Visual Indicator for Message Waiting.
 Stutter Dial tone for Message Waiting.
 Voicemail to email.
 Voicemail Groups.
 Web Voicemail Interface.
 Direct dial to operator.

Advanced Dialing Restriction Rules.
 Call limited by duration.
 Real Time Supervision (SwitchBoard).
 Integrate Call Recording Management.

 Conference Rooms.
 Custom Application.
 Custom Destination.
 Custom Context.
 Paging and Intercom.
 Pickup Groups.
 Speed Dialing.
 Voicemail Broadcast Groups.
 Call Back.
 PIN List.
 Class of Services.
 Features Categories.
 Dial Restriction Rules.
 Automatic Route Selection.
 Customer Account Code.
 Authorization Codes.
 Ring Groups.
 Queue Priorities.
 Queue VIP.
 Outbound Route.
 Inbound Route.
 Time Conditions.
 Night Modes.
 CID Modifiers.

 Disaster Recovery.
 Bulk Import Utilities. 
 Import & Export Extensions.
 Import & Export Speed Dialing.
 Log File Viewer.
 Call Detail Reporting.
 Email Notifications.
 Extensions Status Management.
 PBX Status Reports.
 Multiple Language Support.
 Phone Directory.
 SIP-Open Standards.
 Soft-Phone Support.
 Unlimited Extensions.
 Unlimited IVR.
 Unlimited VM.
 Remote Administration.
 Storage Monitoring.
 User-friendly Web interface.
 Feature Codes Management.
 Global Search.

Built-in firewall.
 Call encryption (SIP TLS, sRTP). 
 Authorization codes.
 Phone Lock.
 Limiting or blocking of outbound calls.
 Password strength indicator.
 PIN-protected outbound calls.
 User permission management.
 Secure password auto-generation.
 Weak password report.

Simple to Use.
 Low bandwidth. 
 Unlimited Users.
 Screen Sharing.
 Secure Rooms.

Voicemail Settings.
Music on Hold. 
 Recording Management.
 Log Files.

 Video Conference.
 Simple to Use. 
 Low bandwidth
 Unlimited Users.
 Screen Sharing.
 Secure Rooms.
 Audio Conferencing.
 Call Recordings Access.
 One Number Reach.
 Multiple Devices per User.
 Personal Call Log.
 Personal Extension Settings.
 Personal IVR.
 Voicemail to e-mail.
 Visual Voicemail.
 User Portal:Access to Voicemail, Recordings, etc.

Call Forward.
 Call History. 
 Call Origination.
 Call Waiting.
 Call Recording.
 Do Not Disturb.
 Follow Me.
 Visual Voicemail.
 Voicemail Greetings Management.

g729, g719, g722, g723.
 lpc10, slin. 
 g711 alaw, g711 ulaw.
 siren14, siren7.
 g726, g726aal2.
 adpcm, testlaw.
 gsm, lilbx, vp8, vp9.
 h261, h264, h263p, h263, opus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ about Our Cloud PBX Services

Yes in order to use Cloud PBX you will require an internet connection. 

Its up to you, we would always recommend using our broadband service as we can identify faults easily however you can continue to use your existing company.

Yes you can choose a large range of numbers from Local, National and International Numbers. 

Provide us with your number and we can check whether we have porting agreements in place to transfer your number to our network.

Yes, as long as it is SIP compatible it will work on our network.

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