Mobile Broadband

Affordable tariffs with emergency boltons to ensure you do not run up a heavy bill.

Data Bolt OnsContract TermSetup FeeMonthly Fee
3GB O2/Vodafone Data1 Month£0.00£5.50
5GB O2/Vodafone Data1 Month£0.00£10.50
10GB O2/Vodafone Data1 Month£0.00£20.00
20GB O2/Vodafone Data1 Month£0.00£27.00
40GB O2/Vodafone Data1 Month£0.00£42.50
100GB O2/Vodafone Data1 Month£0.00£77.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Our Mobile Data Plans

In order to use mobile broadband you will need a modem and a SIM card similar to the one in your mobile phone. You can get both of these from your network operator, although it is worth noting many new laptops have 3G/4G broadband modems built in.

Mobile broadband speeds vary depending on the type of connection you can get. Wherever you have mobile phone coverage, you can usually get a “GPRS” connection, which runs at up to 80Kbps downstream and 40Kbps upstream, whilst in the centre of major cities, capacity permitting, you can get speeds of up to 60Mbps.

A ‘Fair Usage Policy’ (or ‘FUP’ for short) is a policy used by several ISPs which tries to ensure that the majority of their users are not adversely affected by the bandwidth usage of a minority.

Its never easy to determine how many GBs you will require.

If you are a high end user then we would always recommend our Unlimited Data plan to avoid any out of bundle costs.