Mobile SIM Only Terms and Conditions

The legal terms you need to know about your pay monthly communications service.The full terms of Your pay monthly AgreementThis Agreement is made up of three different sections:‘Services’ that covers the Section We provide you with‘General’ that relates to the Servicethe Plan Price Guide and Non Standard Price Guide that together set out the Charges1. DefinitionsWhen We use these words in any of the sections they have the following meanings:‘Account’ together Your Monthly Account and any Pay as You Go Account that you may have with us;‘Additional Commitment Service’ an Additional Service for which You agree to pay us a monthly charge for a minimum period of time;‘Agreement’ this agreement made up of (1) the Services section; (2) the General section and (3) the Plan Price Guide and Non Standard Price Guide.‘Allowance’ the amount and type of Services comprises of Units and which Services may be provided as part of Your Price Plan Services, any Additional Service or Additional Commitment Service;‘Cancellation Charge’ the Charge which totals the rest of the Monthly Charges for the remainder of the Minimum Term, calculated at a daily rate, discounted by any prepaid Charges and any other discounts You are entitled to which can be found on our website.‘Charge’ the Price Plan Charge, a charge for an Additional Service, an Additional Commitment Service and/or any other additional charge including by way of example the Separate Payment Handling Charge, the Cancellation Charge and the Additional Commitment Service Cancellation charges.‘Disconnect’ orDisconnection’ Us stopping your access to the services;‘GSM Gateway’ a device which uses one or more SIM Cards and allows the Services to route or re-route to or from a fixed line telephone through a wireless link onto a mobile network;‘Minimum Term’ the minimum amount of time that you have promised to pay us the monthly charge;‘Monthly Account’ the account for which you are billed each month;‘Monthly Charge’ the amount that (You pay each month in advance for Your Price Plan Services;‘Network’ the communications infrastructure which is used to provide the Services and any other type of communications system which may be provided and operate by us now or in the future.‘OFCOM’ The Office of Communications that regulates the telecommunications industry, including Us;‘PAC’ a Porting Authorisation Code that enables You to migrate Your telephone number to an alternative mobile network provider;‘Payment Terms’ the terms by which we manage your account and the way you charge including any credit limit applied to your account;‘Roaming’ Your SIM Card connecting to a non-UK network‘SIM Card’ the card or cards provided under this Agreement and used with Equipment to get services‘Suspend’ orSuspension’ Us temporarily stopping Your access to the Services;‘UK’ the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;‘Unit’ a voice Unit, text Unit or data Unit. On use each voice Unit may be automatically converted to one minute of a phone call, each text Unit may be automatically converted to one text sent, and each data nit may be automatically converted to one Kilobyte.‘VAT’ value added tax at the prevailing rate;A – ServicesThis section applies to the Services we provide you with.2. Minimum Term2.1 This Agreement starts when WE accept your request for Services. IF we decide you need to pass a credit check as set out in point 5.12, this agreement won’t start until you pass the credit check. We may use the information you provide us o help us make a credit decision before this agreement starts. We will open an account in your name and apply changes to it.2.2 If we reject your request but you incur charges, we can recover those charges from you;2.3 we will connect you to the service as soon as we can2.4 at the end of the Minimum Term this agreement will continue until terminated as described either under point 6 or point 8 below.2.5 If you are renewing or upgrading the following terms apply to you;2.5.1 unless we agree otherwise, a new minimum term will apply, Once that minimum term is over this agreement will continue until terminated as described either under point 6 or 8 below;2.5.2 Your new minimum term will start from the date that we process your upgrade or renewal;2.6 W don’t have to provide you with a renewal or upgrade2.7 We don’t have to allow you to change Price Plan. We may allow you to change price plan after the minimum term. We may move you at our discretion to an equivalent or lower price plan at any time. We may do this as an alternative to our right; to suspend and/or disconnect the service in accordance with point 6.1 or If you already have an account with us, any additional SIM Card that you request will be added to that account. For the avoidance of doubt, if you have more than one SIM Card, each SIM card may provide you with services which are subject; to a separate minimum term and therefore agreement, with us. As a result the minimum term that applies to each SIM Card may not begin and end at the same time.3. SIM Cards3.1 The following terms apply to SIM Cards;3.1.1 If a SIM card is lost, stolen or damaged. You should call customer services for a new one (see point 5.7). A replacement charge of £15.00 + vat will be applied.3.1.2 We own the SIM Card and license you to use the telephone (or ‘phone’) number associated with it. The phone number is licensed by OFCOM. You can only use a SIM Card to use the Services;3.1.3 we can change a SIM Card’s phone number(s) If WE have a good reason, for instance, a legal reason or where WE are required to do so by OFCOM or any other regulatory body. We will endeavour to give you 30 days Written Notice if we have done this... The new number will apply to your SIM Card once nay notice period that we are able to give you has run out3.1.4 We reserve the right to recall any SIM Card from you at any time to enhance or maintain the quality of the Service;4. Our Service Network and access to Services4.1 at any time Our Network comprises lots of different types of technologies. The Services are made available provided you are rate of base stations forming part of the relevant technological Network when trying to use any particular Service. For example, you can only use a 3G Service when you are in range of a 3G base station and you can only use a 4G Service when you are in range of 4G base stations.4.2 You may use the Services to contact the emergency service for free by calling 999 or 112.4.3 We will always try to make the Services available to you, using the reasonable skill and care that would be expected of a competent mobile communications provider, but sometimes they may be unavailable as a result of, or affected by;4.3.1 thinks like the weather and fault in other networks4.3.2 the number of people that may be using the network or any maintenance that we are required to undertake.4.3.3 Your location when using the Services. For example, coverage is affected if you are indoors and/or by the thickness of the walls or the4.3.4 the country you use the services in. Some overseas networks do not provide the same coverage as in the UK. You also may not be able to use some of the services when you are roaming.4.4 Where there is a disruption to the Network (including disruption described at point 6.1.1) you must let us know by calling us. We’ll investigate and take steps to resolve the disruption reported.4.5 We would pro-rate your monthly charges or other recurring charges by up to 100% during a reported period of Network disruption where;4.5.1 the disruption reported impacts the parts of the network and the services you most frequently use; and4.5.2 the disruption is considered to be a severe bases on your previous usage history and our reasonable assessment of the impact of that disruption  on you, using appropriate diagnostics tools and4.5.3 an alternative mode of accessing the disrupted service is unavailable to you.4.6 We reserve the right to manage your use of our network in order to protect it for the use of all of our customers. We may therefore place traffic management controls from time to time.Use of Services (things you cannot do)4.7 the services are made available provided that you also comply with the following conditions which are a fundamental part of this agreement between you and us;4.7.1 the services are not used for anything unlawful, immoral or improper. Without limiting the foregoing, we will decide that the services are being use improperly if you call and/or text more than 300 numbers in a month4.7.2 the services are not used to make offensive or nuisance communications in whatever form, or to make or receive reverse charge calls.4.73 The services are only used with equipment authorised for use with the Network and all relevant laws and rules are followed;4.7.4 the services are not used to send, receive, upload, download or otherwise facilitate any material which is offensive indecent; defamatory; of a menacing nature; a nuisance; a breach of privacy; an infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property right; otherwise unlawful4.7.5 the services are not used to access or use content in a way that infringes the rights of others4.7.6 the services are not used otherwise than in accordance with ours or any other network polices for acceptance use, and (if appropriate) any relevant internet standards;4.7.7 You give us information we reasonably ask for4.7.8 all reasonable instructions we give you are followed4.7.9 you comply with any fair usage policy applicable to your use of the services and if you are in breach of that policy you comply with any reasonable instruction that we issue to you to enable you to remedy that breach and to continue to use the service.4.7.10 Without obtaining prior written consent from us, you must not operate , you must not operate, whether directly or through a third party, a GSM gateway, commonly known as a ‘SIM Box’;4.7.11 You must not operate, whether directly or through a third part, any device to route or re-route voice, data or other services on, from or to the network including but not limited to4.7.11.1 a device used to forward or divert Services with the intention of reducing your charges for that call; or4..7.11.2 illegal repeaters (a device to boost coverage which is unlicensed and used without our express prior written consent;4.7.12 You must not use the services  for any fraudulent or other unlawful purpose, whether your acting alone or in collusion with anyone else. You are not permitted to use the Services whether manually or automatically ‘or any direct financial gain’ revenue share or benefit in kind, including where your financial gain has derived (from the termination charged payable for calls on the network);4.7.13 You must not sell, or attempt, or otherwise provide commercial services using our network to any third party without our express prior written consent.4.7.14 You, or anyone who uses your SIM Card, must not damage the Network or put the Network at risk or abuse or threaten our staff;4.7.15 any information you give to us on which we may rely in making decisions concerning the provision of services under this agreement must be true at the time you give it;4.7.16 You must give us any deposit or extra deposit that we ask for;4.7.17 You comply with any requirement of ours to set up an online account for billing purposes (see point 5.5.3) and;4.7.18 You must not access any Age Restricted Services unless you are older than the required age. IF you are allowed to access Age Restricted Services, you must not show or send content from the Age Restricted Services to anyone younger than the specified age;4.8 By using the services you consent us copying and/or modifying images or information you have created where such copying and/or modification is carried out for the purposes of transmission. This also applies where you use our apps or internet-based platforms.Services near a border/outside UK4.9 Prior to accessing your device near a border or outside the UK you must request consent from us as your devices will automatically bar if our network notices you are outside of our system.4.9.1 If you access the services on or near the border of the network and the network of any third party, you agree that you may not be able to access the network but may instead be connected to the network of one of our roaming partners. Calls that you make will then be charged as if you were roaming and those calls will not come out of any allowance (unless the relevant Plan Price Guide states otherwise).4.10 Allowances which include (or charges which are for) calling a UK mobile number will exclude calls to networks in the Isle of Mam and the Channel Islands. Calls to customers of certain UK mobile networks may also be excluded. Please refer to Our Non Standard Price Guide for details.4.1.1 We’’ use our reasonable efforts to make commercial arrangements to enable you to access other networks so that you can use the services whilst roaming. We can’t guarantee the quality and coverage that any other networks may provide. Additional charges for roaming are set out in our non standard price guide.Other4.12 We will allocate you a phone number to use with the equipment on the network .The phone number is licensed to us by OFCOM. You may also use a phone number transferred to us from another mobile network operator. You may be able to take the phone number with you when you leave our network. If so we will transfer the phone number to or from our network. We do not accept any liabilities if there are any delays in transferring your number to our network.5. What about how you payInformation about Charges5.1 our charges are set our in our booklets of charges, called Plan Price Guide and Non Standard Price Guide. We update these booklets from time to time. You can obtain up to date copies by referring to our website or calling customer services.5.2 All our charges on our website are inclusive of VAT.5.3 We may set and change credit limits for charges. We can suspend your access to the services if your limit is exceeded. Charges are not capped by any limit we set as some charges, for example international and roaming call charges and may not be recorded against your account immediately and the charges incurred could therefore exceed your credit limit before your account is suspended under point Contract Account5.4.1 We will make the bill for your contract account available to you every month by a method of our choosing, currently post or electronic means. You must pay your bill by the date set on it whether or not your allowance is consumed by you or by another person with or with your permission. IF you haven’t used all of the allowance by the time we bill you, it will expire and your allowance will then start again on each monthly bill date. On your bill we may include the “per unit” cost for your allowance to help you understand the value you’re getting from your price plan. Additional services and additional commitment services may be charged in arrears or in advance, as set out in our non standard price guide. Other charges are for the month just passed and any earlier time if not previously charged for.5.4.2 If you receive your bill by post, we will make the bill available to you by sending the bill to the postal address that you registered with you when joined or if you have notified us of a change in postal address to that new postal address;5.4.3 If you receive your bill electronically this will be sent via email.5.4.4 If you have not paid for your bill by the date set out on it you may have to pay a late payment charge. Your account may also suspend automatically if your invoice is one day past due.5.4.5 You may have to pay additional charges, the amount of which is set out in our non standard price guide, for example the separate payment handling charge or the charge to reconnect you to the service (see point 6.5).5.4.6 Any discount on a monthly charge, an additional charge or an additional commitment service charge we give you will end on the earlier for one of the follow events5.4.6.1 when the period for which the discount was advertised comes to an end (e.g. a discount for the first 6 months of your price plan only); or5.4.6.2 when your minimum term comes to an end; or5.4.6.3 when we provide you with a renewal or upgrade; or5.4.6.4 where you have a monthly charge discount because you have another agreement with us for example a home broadband agreement or an additional SIM Card. You terminate either this agreement or the agreement for that other service.Charges Generally5.5 You are responsible for all charges applied to your account, except charges applied after you called customer services to advise us that:5.5.1 Your SIM Card has been lost of stolen (see point 3.1.1); or5.5.2 the equipment and/or service has been used by an unauthorised third party (see point 9.5); or5.6 We can change Payment Terms for an good reason for instance if you do not pay a bill by the date set our on it.5.7 You shall be required to pay a deposit (or an extra deposit) as security for the charges if we have a good reason to require it, for example, if we raise your credit limit. We can keep the deposit until the agreement ends.  We will return it when you pay us everything you owe. We will not pay interests on deposits. WE can use your deposits to pay what you owe except where you have followed the process for disputed charges outlined at point 6.6 below. If you don’t pay the undisputed amount by the date of your bill or tell us not to use any deposit to pay the disputed amount, then we will use any deposit to pay for the disputed sum.5.8 Charges for services you have used may be applied against your applicable allowance(s) or the date that we process them, which may be later than the date that you use those services, and may be applied against your next periodic allowance.5.8 Charges for calls and messages to certain numbers outside oft hose permitted in your allowance such as premium rate number or non-geographic numbers are set out in the non standard price guide.5.9 We may use credit reference agencies to help us verify your identity, make credit decisions or for fraud protection.5.10 You may be bale to use the service to buy goods and/or services from third parties. You may be able to pay for that through your monthly account. It is your decision whether or not to enter in to a legal relationship with that third party, who you may not have heard of or bought from before. If you do buy from a third party even if you pay for the goods and /or services with your account. We will not be in any way responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer because of your contract with that third party.5.11 If the SIM Card and/or equipment is lost, stolen or damaged you will be responsible for any charges incurred until you have informed us of the loss.5.12 By entering in to this agreement you authorise the end users on your account to incur charges without prior permission from you. Please see our plan price guide and non standard price guide for a list of charges and services which end users can add to you account without prior permission from you.6. When we may Suspend, Disconnect or terminate the service6.1 we may suspend the services without warning if;6.1.1 the Network breaks down or needs maintenance. We will try to make sure this does not happen often, or;6.1.2 your credit limit is exceeded (see point 5.3); or6.1.3 we reasonably believe there is fraudulent use of a payment; card in relation to your account.6.1.4 if your invoice is 1 day past overdue6.2 We may suspend and/or disconnect the services and/or terminate the agreement without warning if;6.2.1 you or anyone who uses your SIM Card and/or the equipment does not keep to the conditions of this agreement or any other agreement with us or our group companies;6.2.2 you fail to comply with any of the points 4.7;6.2.3 any steps is taken to make any kind of arrangement that would compromise your liability to pay your debts and/or if you are an individual and you are unable to pay your debts or if any step is taken to make you bankrupt and/or if you are company or other organisation and you come unable to pay your debts (within the meaning of section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986) or any step is taken to appoint an administrator, liquidator (for a reason other than solvent reorganisation), or receiver over you or any of your assets. We can also terminate this agreement if something similar (in any country) happens or if we think any of these things may happen;6.2.4 any licence of ours to run the network is ended;6.2.5 We reasonably suspect fraudulent use of the network and/or services based on any and all data available to us;6.2.6 We identify a calling pattern or patterns that are disproportionate to the overall type, or amount duration and/or extent of calls which we would expect from good faith usage of our network or service;6.3 if we terminate this agreement for a reason given under point 6.1 except if we terminate under 6.2.4, you must pay us everything that you owe, including any cancellation charge and/or additional commitment service cancellation charge.6.4 You are liable for all charges during any period of suspension or disconnection unless we decide otherwise.6.5 following a period of suspension or disconnection we can charge to reconnect you to the service except where something in point 6.1.1 happened. We can change your payment terms as a condition of reconnection, if your services are suspended or disconnected for more than 14 days You may also have to pass a credit check to reconnect the service;7. Changing Charges and Services7.1 we can lower any charge at any time without telling you beforehand, although we will try to notify you;7.2 we can suspend, change, increase the price or withdraw part or all of the additional services on giving active users of the service a reasonable period of written notice. The change will then apply to you once that notice has run out;7.3 we can suspend change or withdraw your price plan, price plan services or additional commitment services. We will give you written notice 30 days before we do so. The change will then apply to you once that notice has run out;7.4 Your price plan charge and if applicable the charges for additional commitment services include an annual price increase; which will be the annual percentage increase in the retail price index (RPI) published by the Office for National Statistics. The increase will take effect in March of each year and use the RPI figure published in January of that year. If the RPI figure is negative, there will be no change to your price plan charge in the relevant year.7.5 we can increase your price plan charge or any other charges if we are required to do so as a result of any new legislation statutory instrument government regulation or any new taxation which we need to pass on to you as a matter of law.8 Your termination rights8.1 you can give us notice to terminate this agreement by calling customer services and providing us with 30 days notice at any time.8.1.1 if (except as set out in point 8.4) in our total discretion, we accept notice from you to terminate this agreement with in the minim term you will have to pay us a cancellation charge and if applicable the additional commitment service cancellation charge you may be entitled to an discount on your cancellation charge;8.1.2 you can terminate this agreement without having to pay us a cancellation charge after the minimum term has ended. You will have to pay your charge for services during the 30 days notice period;8.2 subject to point 8.1 your agreement or the additional commitment service will terminate in accordance with one of the following termination procedures;8.2.1 termination without a PAC.PACS are made available upon request a PAC your agreement will terminate at the end of the 30 days notice period. You are free to change your mind and call us to withdraw your notice of termination at any time during the 30 day notice period;8.2.2 termination with a PAC. PACS are made available upon request and last 39 days from issue. If you request a PAC on or after the date you give us notice to terminate this agreement, your agreement will terminate once it has been used. If you don’t use the PAC within it validity period it will expire and this agreement will continue until you terminate using the process described at 8.2.1;8.3 you will be responsible for all charges up to and including the date that this agreement terminates. If the agreement terminates before the expiry of the 30 days notice period. You’ll have to pay a charge as described in our non standard price guide. If your price plan service or the agreement is terminated the additional commitment service will automatically terminate.8.4 A cancellation charge and/or an additional commitment service cancellation charge wont apply if you are within the minimum term and;8.4.1 our entitlement to operate the network ends at any time; or8.4.2 your access to our network is permanently disrupted and in accordance with point 4.5 your month charges are reduced by 100% for the remainder of your minimum term;8.4.3 your are a consumer and the change that we gave you written notice of in point 12.3 is of material detriment to you and you give us notice to immediately cancel this agreement before the change takes effect; or8.4.4 we have given you written notice of an increase in a price plan charge that is higher than the annual percentage increase in the retail price index (RPI) as calculated ion point 7.4 and8.4.5 you give us notice to immediately cancel this agreement before the changes take effect;8.5 if you are terminating this agreement and a cancellation charge doesn’t apply because the circumstances outlined in point 8.4 have occurred.9. Internet Access9.1 if you have equipment which enables you to access the internet, this section applies to you;9.2 We may have to change, suspend, withdraw or (if applicable) increase the prices of Content without giving you any warning. The new nature of the content will be clear before you buy the content following any change and if you then purchase the content following the change, we will take that as acceptance of the new content and its price.9.3 we may provide links to other third party websites which may include links to the website of our partners. Any such content or webpage that you access (directly or indirectly) is the responsibility of the third party who makes that content or webpage available to you. We don’t check (and so we don’t necessarily recommend) what is available on any third part website. We can’t make any promise to you about whether the content or any third part website is accurate, complete or reliable. We also cannot promise that the website will work for as long as you need it or whether it will even work at all9.4 you (and not us in any way) are entirely responsible for anything that you upload, email, post or otherwise transmit via internet access. You agree that you will obey any acceptable use policy or fair use policy that we may have. If you fail to do so point 4.7.9 and 5.7 will apply9.5 your ability to access a secure internet environment will be dependent on the equipment and the third party supplier of any content. You are responsible for any charges incurred any unauthorised third party who uses the equipment and/or the services as a result of any breach of that security, whether you use any security tools at your disposal, or no;9.6 this point 9 will apply even after this agreement has been terminated.B – General10. Changes to Our Agreement10.1 If you are a consumer and the change of terms and conditions is not of material detriment to you or you are not a consumer, we will send you written notice 30 days before the terms and conditions are due to change. The new terms and conditions will automatically apply to you once that notice has run out10.2 if you are a consumer and the change is of material detriment to you. We will send you written notice 30 days before the terms and conditions are due to change. The new terms and conditions will apply to you once that notice has run out, unless you terminate your agreement with us within that notice period, if you do this you wont have to pay any cancellation charge that would otherwise apply see point We can change these terms and conditions if new laws or rules make it necessary or where we are required to do so by OFCOM or any other regulatory body. We will endeavour to give you 30 days written notice if we have to do thus. The new terms and conditions will automatically apply to you once any notice period that we are able to give you has run out.11. Our Liability to you11.1 We are only liable to you as set out in this agreement, we have no other duty or liability to you;11.2 Nothing in this agreement removes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by something; we have done or failed to do or for an fraudulent misrepresentation we may have made to you.11.4 Except as set out in point 11.1 and 11.2, our total liability to you for something we or anyone who works for us does or does not do will be limited to a maximum of £10,000 for all incidents under this Agreement.11.5 If you are not a consumer, we are not liable to you in any way for any loss or damage that was not reasonable foreseeable at the time. You entered this agreement, this includes but is not limited to loss of income; business; anticipated profits, loss of property or loss of use of property.11.6 If you are a consumer, we are not liable to you in anyway for any loss of income; business or profits or for any loss or damage that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time, you entered this agreement.11.7 You must tell us about any claim as soon as reasonably possible.11.8 We are not liable to you if we cannot carry out our duties or provide services because of something beyond our control.11.9 We will not be responsible for any harm you suffer from a virus which infiltrates the equipment, whether it was transmitted via the services or otherwise. You remain responsible for all charges applied to your accounts for the use of any services activated by such virus.11.10 We will not be responsible for any harm incurred as a result of unauthorized third party use of the equipment and/or services. Subject to point 5.5 above you remain responsible for all charged applied to your account arising from the use of any services by that third party.11.11 This point 11 will apply even after this agreement has been terminated.12. General12.1 You need to get our explicit prior consent before you can transfer or try to transfer any of your rights and responsibilities under this agreement. We may transfer any of ours without your permission, provided the level of service you currently experienced is not reduced as a result.12.2 We may monitor or record any conversations between you and our staff for authentication, security, quality and training purposes12.3 We may send notices to either your postal address, your online account, your email address or your SIM Card and/or the equipment you use regardless of how your bill is made available to you. We may also send you over the air updates to your equipment which may make some minor adjustments to the functionality or display on the equipment. You’ll need to accept these changes which may include doing anything reasonable we request. You will not be able to opt out of receiving these notices.12.4 You must phone customer services straightaway about any change in your postal address or email address. It is your responsibility to make sure that the email address that you give us is correct, current and works at all times. If you change your email address or it stops working for any reason, you must notify us immediately. If you fail to inform us of any change, we will continue to make your bill available to you by either (depending on how you receive your bills) sending it to the last postal address that you gave us or making your bill available by sending any notifications  to the last email address that you gave us. Those bills will be payable in accordance with point We aren’t responsible for messages that don’t get to you because the equipment is turned off or not connected to the network.12.6 unless otherwise stated in this agreement, any notices from you to us must be sent to our registered address, details of which may be found on our website, it is currently Vivid Telecom, Unit 2477 Chynoweth House, Trevisomme Park, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8UN.12.7 Any concession or extra time that we allow you only applies to the specific circumstances in which we give it. It does not affect our rights under this agreement in any other way.12.8 This agreement shall not confer any benefit on a third party under the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.12.9 English law will apply to this agreement and any disputes will be settled In the Courts of England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland (as applicable), you may be able to take your disputes to adjudication under the Ombudsman Services disputes resolution scheme.12.10 If you have a complaint which relates to our referral of you to a Finance agreement provider and we fail to resolve that complain to your satisfaction. You may be able to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.13. Your Information13.1 You confirm that the information that you provide to us, including your registration details, is true, accurate and complete, you agree to inform us immediately of any changes to your details by contacting our customer services.13.2 We will use your personal details in accordance with the terms of this agreement and our privacy policy which you can find on our website and is incorporated in this agreement; by reference.13.3 We will use your personal information for providing the services, equipment and related products to you, administration of your account and billing (which may include sending you service messages by email or SMS), advertising, marketing research, analytics, credit scoring, customer services and for profiling your preferences. We will disclose your information to our services providers to help us with thee purposes and top other organisations described in our privacy policy. We, Our Group companies will keep your information for a reasonable period after your contract with us has finished in case you decide to use our services again and may contact you about our services during this time if you have not opted out.13.4 You agree that We, Our Group companies and our service providers can use information about you including information about your use of our network, services and related products and the location of the equipment you are using on our network to tell you about products, services or promotions offered by us and third parties that may be of interest to you. We may contact you by post, email or phone electronic messages (including but not limited to SMS and MMS) or online or via applications. If you prefer not to receive direct marketing communications fro us simply let us know by calling 0800 622 6267 and we will stop sending them to you or follow the instructions in the marketing communication. Please note that this will not stop you from receiving service messages from us. Please see our privacy policy on our website for further details. If you are paying for the equipment for a family member, then you agree that you have told that person that we will use their personal information in accordance with our privacy policy and obtained their consent to do this.13.5 You have a right to ask for a copy of your personal information (for a small charge) and to correct any inaccuracies. Please see our privacy policy for further details.13.6 In the event of a personal data security breach that affects you, we will notify the relevant authorities, and if appropriate, we will notify the subscriber or user of our services who is affected by the breach in writing. A personal data security breach that affects you (or the user) does not give you the right to terminate this agreement.13.7 We may transfer your personal information to countries outside of the European Economic Area, which do not always provide the same level of data protection as the UK, for the purposes of providing you with our services. If we do make such a transfer, we will put ac contract in place with our service providers, including security obligations on them to ensure your information are protected in accordance with UK standards.13.8 We will carry out any activities or disclosure of your personal information to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements for law enforcement purposes and to detect, prevent or investigate crime, fraud and misuse f or damage to our network, service and related products.13.9 You have a right to choose whether your details are included in directory listings, including the phone book. If you want your details included, please contact customer services.  

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